WADEO 12 ft. RV Quick Connect Adapter Hose for Blackstone Tabletop Griddles

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RV Quick Connect Propane Hose Supply Kit for Blackstone 17/22 inch Griddle Connects to RV Trailer or Camper

Two Ways to Use:
If your grill has 3/8" female flare nuts, you should take off the 1lb adapter on our hose, then you can connect the RV to your grill.
You have to remove the regulator on RV and put the 1/4'' quick disconnect plug to hook directly to low pressure line on RV trailer, the other side connects 1 lb portable appliance.
Only use for low pressure system, you cannot connect this kit on a high pressure application.
Please keep away from children.
Please keep your grill away from fire in case the hose melting and result in gas leakage.
Before buying, make sure the kit's size is compatable with your grill and when you install it, please ensure correct installation to prevent gas leakage.
The brand name mentioned just work as product adaptability, not work as trade mark use, kindly noted.
This is a perfect solution for attaching the 17''/22'' Blackstone portable Griddle/ grill has 3/8" female flare connection to the propane outlet on the Travel Trailer or Camper.


Material: High Quality Brass, PVC
Length: 12Feet long
Quick-connect 1/4" plug x 3/8" female flare swivel
1/4" quick connector
Converts the 17 inch and 22 inch Blackstone Grill to a 3/8'' Male Flare Propane Extension Hose
Used for fire pits, grills, stove
  • A Great Helper for Travel: You don’t need to carry extra propane tanks and now you can use the quick connect propane line from the RV's propane supply and hook up to your grill, camp chef stove, stove, fire pit, griddle, propane heater and most equipment.
  • Two ways of installation: First way, You can connect it directly to the Blackstone 17"/22" Griddle. Second way, you can take off the propane adapter fitting on the hose and connect other brand of griddle with 3/8' Male flare directly.
  • 12FT propane hose extension with blackstone camping grill adapter and the other side with 1/4" quick plug. You can easily convert 17 inch or 22 inch Blackstone portable BBQ grill to a RV trailer 1/4'' quick connect.
  • Propane Adapter Fitting: The fitting converts your 17 inch and 22 inch Blackstone Grill to a 3/8'' male flare propane extension hose, allows your Blackstone Griddle to connect to the low pressure system on a travel trailer or camper.
  • Attention: You do not need a regulator for the blackstone grill any more if your RV already connect cylinder with regulator.
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