Blackstone Infrared Thermometer with Probe Attachment - 5400

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The Blackstone Infrared Thermometer with Probe is the tool that helps you make better food. Prevent dry or overcooked food with this handheld thermometer by using it in every step of your cooking. Infrared technology determines the surface temperature of the heated griddle with the push of a button. Simply point the device and push the "IR" button. The display will show the current temperature, which you can choose to freeze for reference. This is important for maintaining an even and complete temperature for optimal cooking. To use the temperature probe simply flip out the probe from the back of the thermometer and insert it into cooking food. The display will show internal food temperature, helping to cook through meats and other foods to your liking. No more guessing when it comes to temperature! You'll know exactly when to put it on and take it off the griddle without cutting it open or burning your fingers.

  • Large LCD display, easy to read temperatures
  • Takes measurements in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • "Point-and-shoot" infrared thermometer for determining griddle surface temperature
  • Foldable probe for determining internal food temperature
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