Blackstone Griddle Cutting Board 1755

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ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY - Made from Acacia wood, this cutting board is easy to maintain by handwashing it with warm soapy water. This fine cutting has been known to outlive the more common cutting boards due to its dense properties and resistance to moisture
PROTECT YOUR KNIVES - Using this cutting board protects your knives while maintaining the convenience of cutting on the griddle top. Simply set the chopping block on top of the griddle, slice and dice away, then slide your ingredients onto the grill
WOODEN FEET - The four wooden feet on this cutting board allow the chef to enjoy a stable cutting surface as well as offer under cutting board ventilation, protecting the cutting board and food from the heat of the griddle
SAFE and NATURAL - This cutting board is treated with a food-safe natural oil and no chemicals are used. This a splinter free chopping surface, but the natural beauty of this Acacia wood board will makes the user want to show it off and use it with pride
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If you are not completely satisfied at any point please feel free to contact us directly or return the product. Blackstone is a leader in the outdoor cooking category and stands behind guaranteeing your satisfaction

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