Dirty South BBQ - Mama's Rub (10.9 oz)

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Dirty South BBQ “Mama’s Rub” is a Mild Southern BBQ Spice, Created by Mama herself with many different seasonings, has become the most versatile All Purpose seasoning on the market.The Seasoning works best on Pork,Chicken, Fish and Beef, but don’t be afraid to use it on anything such as Mushrooms, Venison, Onions and Eggs!  Yes, Eggs, Shake it on and make it Dirty as we say. This product is very tasty and don’t be afraid to shake it on anything. Your Kids will love it on Popcorn!!!

A Mild Southern Barbecue Seasoning

10.9 ounce bottle

Serving Size – 2g/ 82 servings per bottle

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