Dizzy Pig - Peruvian-ish Sample

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Dizzy Pig seasonings are the go-to spice rubs in kitchens around the world. So why not bring the tastes of the world to your kitchen, indoor or out? Our “Ish” Fusion Blend series is Dizzy Pig’s cosmopolitan line of seasonings, designed for high temperature pan searing and grilling, and for ramping up the flavor of regional dishes.

Containing all five flavors of our “Ish” Fusion Blend line, this sample line is the perfect way to introduce yourself to our around-the-world flavors or give the gift of tastiness to someone you appreciate. With a generous amount of spices to accommodate multiple smaller taste tests or one big spankin’ batch, you can experience each flavor in-depth. These include:

  • Peruvian-ishNEW, delicious blend of earthy, fruity, tangy and clean flavors
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