Halo Products Group Halo Versa 16 Scraper/Brush Kit - HZ-3023

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Get the most out of your HALO Versa 16 Outdoor Pizza Oven by keeping up with routine cleaning. This versatile pizza stone cleaning kit will keep your stone clean and ready. It is also gentle on the stone’s porous material. This avoids causing imperfections that may cause the stone to crack during its next bake.

Allow your stone to cool, scrape off any burnt bits, and brush them directly into the ash pan with your bench scraper. This kit will help you keep your pizza stone gunk-free and ready for that next cook!

Cleaning a pizza stone doesn’t have to be difficult, but tools make all the difference. Hot water and a damp cloth to wipe the stone may work for crumbs here and there. But a deep clean on this porous surface is suggested after every use.

Cleaning the stone is a simple process:

  • Remove stuck on food and old pizza crust with ease.
  • Brush into the ash pan with the included bristled brush.
  • Then, prep your stone for its next high heat bake.

Enjoy stylish designs and practical looks with a stone cleaning package designed for HALO products.

We recommend using your new HALO pizza stone cleaning accessory kit after every bake.

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